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Be Modern, Be Kulik.

Classic, Mini, Tiny - meet our Modern bags! The women's handbag gained its fashion popularity at the dawn of the 20th century. The mirror and the handy powder box, more and more often taken to the great outings, had to find a place at the side of a woman. It was most convenient to keep them in a bag, which has become an absolute must have for all elegant women. At first, it was worn in the form of raw pieces, with time it was enriched with sophisticated details: leather straps, chains or braided cords. Today, it is one of the most functional accessories in a woman's wardrobe. You can choose its sizes and formats, which makes it suitable for everything a woman needs at work, during shopping or a meeting with a friend. And apart from practical considerations, it can also stand out with its unique design, which in effect makes the whole look unique.

How to choose the perfect women's handbag? It is worth betting on a bag that has been made in a sustainable, transparent way with the best quality material, all to last for several years. Its size is also important. It's important that it's tailored to your daily needs or the context in which the handbag you choose will be worn. We meet your expectations and present you with the Modern shoulder bag in three functional sizes. The first one is larger and classic, perfect for ladies who carry a lot of trinkets with them. The second, Mini Modern is more compact but still holds all the essentials and Tiny Modern, which we dedicate to minimalists. All models are made by a local leatherworker and the leather is vegetable tanned and comes from a manufactory in Italy. But that's not all. Each Modern can be personalized with your favorite strap. Choose from long and short leather, gold and silver chains or hand-braided cords in colorful arrangements, as well as webbing belts with mini wallets. Then what? It's time for some bold style fun, go!

Classic Modern It is available in Choc Mamba, Black Mamba, Man in Black, Red Python and Kamel shades, making it meet the aesthetic expectations of many women. The advantage of the presented model is also its unveiling in several arrangements. The Modern handbag can be with a decorative gold magnet in the middle of the front flap - Golden Dot or with two - Golden Eye. There is also a piece with an avant-garde addition in the form of a zigzag, to which it owes its name - Modern ZigZak. Modern is a classic handbag that will surely meet the expectations of the most demanding trendsetters

Mini Modern In our collections we interpret the bestselling Modern bag in a Mini version. It has a classic design and perfect workmanship. It's roomy enough to hold your essentials, yet its small format makes it a super fashionable accessory for any occasion. Nothing prevents you from combining it with a sequin top and jeans for the evening, as well as with a white shirt and pencil skirt for work.

The way to Mini Modern

Mini Modern bag is available in several arrangements. The classic version has a front flap with embossing, another with a decorative gold magnet in the middle-Golden Dot or with two-Golden Eye. Their colour range is based on shades such asChoc Mamba, Black Mamba, Man in Black, Red Python and Kamel.

Time for Tiny Modern This is our interpretation of the filigree bag - the smallest version of the iconic Modern. It has a magnet and zipper closure. It is available in Man in Black, Kamel and Black Mamba shades.

The Way of the Tiny Modern

The Tiny Modern handbag runs the gamut of fashion diversity. It is a functional accessory that changes and adapts to individual style. Great for enthusiasts of minimalism, as well as women who appreciate a strong image. Worn on a long leather belt, on the haunches or in hand, Tiny Modern accentuates the avant-garde look of the outfit. Combined with a gold or silver chain in glamour style, it completes an original evening outfit. It can also be worn as a kidney and then it becomes an additional fashionable belt, emphasizing the waist - in this arrangement it will be perfect for a walk. For real lovers of unique accessories Tiny Modern is recommended to compose with hand-braided cords.

Let us know which Modern is for you? :)


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