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DESIGN yourself

The latest Kulik collection for the autumn-winter 2020 season was created under the slogan DESIGN yourself. We present bags expressive in their form, which you can freely personalize with attractive details. You will decide in what context and how you will wear the chosen model: on a shorter, hand-braided belt, on a longer leather one with a mini bag, on a thin chain (or maybe without?) and further: shopping, at work or for a walk. Though that's not all. For the AW 20/21 line we also decided to cooperate with a talented designer and collage artist Ola Szatkowska.

In creating projects we often draw inspiration from architecture and modern art. This time, however, we went a step further. We started cooperation with an inspiring designer Ola Szatkowska, who specializes in collages combining analogue and digital methods. She created a poster promoting our latest collection, which even more bluntly encourages to "DESIGN yourself". The resulting illustration, made using the collage method, gives expression to the flowing feminine power and vitality, but at the same time its changeability, through bold play with style.

The luscious orange panel features elements of the stripes available in the collection, with a background of embossed leather texture and an arrangement of spreading flower petals in smoky white. In the foreground is a female figure from a photo that was taken at an image shoot. The model is in an orangish coat with her new Mini Pure Love model, a shoulder bag adorned with a range of straps: from hand-braided, to those in the form of a chain, or those in leather of different lengths. The collage aesthetics gives the effect of energetic power, strongly attracts attention, and at the same time emphasizes the character of emotions of the created collection. It is an eclectic image that deftly complements our manifesto of emphasizing personality by varying our style and creating it renewably, depending on our mood, circumstances or the situation we are currently in.

DESIGN yourself are bags made with perfect attention to every detail, which in the pandemic reality are supposed to encourage self-expression and at the same time serve their functionality and comfort.

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