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Interchangeable belt - the accessory that became the hit of the season

A variety of handbag straps that can be interchanged at will have become the hit of the season. They are a way to create individual style and promote creative upcycling. Find out how interchangeable straps are changing it bags and why they are gaining popularity. A range of colours, different lengths, great functionality - recently, stripes have been making a perverse career in the fashion world. It is even said that they are more interesting than the bags themselves (we, of course, do not completely agree with this). The biggest fashion houses, including Fendi, Dolce&Gabbana and Prada, encourage you to play with them. It is probably thanks to these brands that belts have gained the status of one of the most fashionable accessories of the season. So, are you ready to go wild with these trendy accessories yet? Because we do! That's why we have prepared four different types for you - be sure to check them out.

1. Hand-braided In spring, we encourage you to play boldly with colour, thanks to braided strings that create abundant stripes. They are available in different color combinations. Ink black blends with grey and cobalt, other times it intertwines with crimson. Browns with tea browns blend with oranges. We also have combinations of light blue cords with yellow, burgundy, and pepit or heather with burgundy, black, and white with red stamps. Their uniqueness is not only the charming color combinations. It is worth knowing that they are made and dyed by hand, in limited quantities. Only commissioned by us - by an Italian artist.

2. Leather Leather belts are a classic of the genre. Ours are made in a small workshop in Italy. They are durable, and in duet with the bag they create a harmonious, stylish pair. They can be narrow or wide and of different lengths. It's up to you whether you go out with your handbag wearing the shortest version of the leather strap, or you prefer to give it and yourself some slack by choosing the longer version.

3. Parciane with purse In our opinion, these are the most practical versions of the straps. They are made of coarsely woven cotton that can be easily cleaned when dirty. They give you the option of wearing the bag as a kidney or shoulder bag. Additionally, you can attach a micro bag made of black embossed leather - useful for headphones, keys or other small items.

4. Jewelry It's not just us women who love jewellery - our handbags look good in it too. Stripes in the form of gold or silver chains add glam style to it bags. And to double the "wow" effect, we suggest wearing two at the same time! Psst. . we can make them for you in any length you wish.

So what, ready to personalize your handbag? Remember that by playing with the straps, you are also taking care with us to reuse the bag and give it a new character, which is a great example of upcycling an already manufactured accessory. ♥

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